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AW Fitness is a service supplied myself Angela, I have 10 years in fitness and nutrition experience and Level 4 qualified.  I have my own story and I am still on that journey, which started 10 years ago when decided that I needed to get fit and healthy. Now I am able to help others on there road to a healthier and fitter version of their selves.

Choosing to be fit and healthy is a lifestyle change not a diet or a bit of exercise, and above all it isn’t easy and can be very challenging both physically and mentally. This is where I am going to help build plans for my clients who want to change, not just for a few months but forever. I have my own studio where I train people in 1 to 1 sessions, these are not only exercise orientated but can involve advice about nutrition and lifestyle choices.

So if your looking to be a healthier & fitter version of yourself, please visit my website and get in touch.

Sandown, Isle of Wight.

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Personal Training, Nutrition Advice, Meal Plans, Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning 

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